Dr. Jim Skivalidas

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55 Rouse St Port Melbourne

Dr. Jim Skivalidas

Holistic Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Sleep Consultant.

Mens Mental Health Advocate

Dr. Jim Skivalidas Melbourne Chiropractic and Bedding Clinic
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Discover how Dr. Jim Skivalidas

7 Years Training | 17+ Years Clinical Experience | 20 Years Member CAA

"My vision is to inspire families to live in optimal wellness and harmony"

  • Became inspired to become a chiropractor
  • Asked the challenging questions about health that are relevant to you and your family
  • Focussed his vision towards family, paediatric chiropractic care and infertility
  • Invited to join the team at Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic and transform it into Clarendon Family Chiropractic.
  • Create a sleep bedding range to help people sleeping well and living aligned and amalgameted Clarendon Chiropractic in to the Melbourne Chiropractic and Bedding Clinic
  • Safe, Gentle, Holistic Care - low force chiro & kinesiology and unique bedding reputation, beginning with our friendly healing environment

Are you looking for a health professional who adopts a "whole-body" approach to treatment but can also focus on other areas with a specific injury? If you are suffering pain, have an injury or feel your posture could be improved, I can provide an honest opinion, sound advice and effective treatment.

Hi I'm Jim Skivalidas, Chiropractor Melbourne!

I hold a Double degree in Chiropractic from RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. I also complemented my studies with an extensive programme of observation of health professionals working in a range of therapy styles. To date, I am privileged to have observed over 50 practitioners, including osteopaths, kinesiologists and chiropractors in real consultations with patients. This unique experience combined with my current qualifications, and my own experience in practice and at sporting events, has enabled me to fine tune my skills to offer future patients a refined and effective brand of physical treatment.

The treatment is a combination of hands-on chiropractic, soft tissue reflex points, stretching and postural exercise advice. I prefer low force chiropractic care but also use manual adjustments using my hands. I also use trigger point therapy and therapy localisation technique. The postural exercise advice I provide comes from the wealth of knowledge I have absorbed from training with personal trainers, yoga instructors, sports coaches and copious amounts of health articles, books and blogs.

My primary goal is to help you return to activity, so that you may continue to do what it is you love to do in life. If you place great importance on your health and want to improve your physical condition, make an appointment with me today. I sincerely look forward to working with you soon.