iAdjust. Our DREAM Empowering Formula

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iadjust. Our DREAM Empowering Formula

How our team lives the Family Wellness Values

Melbourne Chiropractic Wellness and Wellbeing woman

We believe in the innate healing capacity of your body and the profound effect of the adjustment.  

This vision is embodied in our dream for well-being movement - and motto, mind, body and sleep harmony.

Inspired from the Olympic games and Chiropractic principles, Dr. Jim created this symbol 17 years ago on how to best achieve well-being from health 5 disciplines, with each color representing a discipline that interconnects to each other. Your nervous system, the Happy, healthy families living in optimal wellness and harmony.

Growing as individuals and living life rich with opportunities.


DNA. Detox. 'Dieta'. Drink H20. Digest

Rest. Sleep Well. Wake Refreshed.

Emotions & (Gr)Attitude.

Active Posturcise and Stretchercise.

Maximise Nervous System. Mind, Spine, Organ Communication

We work in partnership with people living with pain, suffering, disability, their families and the community, to create a better life.

We focus on people with significant and multiple discomforts and disabilities and complex needs.

We assist people in their daily lives with support to work and live optimally at work, home, recreationally, to take a break, to get out and have fun, to learn and grow.

How Does The Program Work?

Get Assessed  - thoroughly and holistically. History, Posture Assessment, Strength Tests and Radiological Diagnostics if necessary. Begin gentle treatment, understand goals and provide home care advice to maximise compliance and better results.