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As a concerned parent, you no doubt wonder if your child is as healthy as possible. Many factors contribute to your child's overall health. A major component is communication between your child's brain and body (through their Nervous System) ... a vital link controlling the proper musculoskeletal growth, development, and function of your child’s body.

From the moment your child is born, they have already undergone tremendous stress as a result of the birthing process. Whether a natural birth or one with intervention, your child may have already developed spinal or pelvic distortions as well as possible head trauma.

Chiropractic evaluation of your child will help to identify if any damage (either major or minor muscuskeletally) was made to your child during birth.

Mums, Bubs & Kids Port Melbourne has experience in caring for many newborns, babies, children, and teenagers in his practice.

There is prevention awareness with musculoskeletal chiropractic evaluation. As children don’t usually complain of aches and pains, it is easy for a spinal problem to remain undetected.

Spinal problems in babies and children do not usually bring on aches and pains. What you may notice in your child, though is posture changes. Even if your child presents as “healthy”, a Chiropractic musculoskeletal check-up is important.

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