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iadjust. d.r.e.a.m for wellbeing

Our Empowering Program How our team lives these Family Wellness Values

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iadjust. My Wellbeing. Your Wellbeing

We believe in the innate healing capacity of your body and the profound effect of the adjustment.  

This vision is embodied in our iadjust for well-being movement and motto,

empowering pain-free mind, body, and sleep harmony. Inspired by the Olympic games and Chiropractic principles, Dr. Jim created this symbol 20+ years ago on how to best achieve wellness.

Innate healing capacity

How does yours function over a

24-hour cycle?

We all have a DNA healing potential and capacity from the moment we are born to the day we die.

Over the 24 hour day, our innate healing rates vary as we are exposed to sleep time and wake-up time and a variety of physical, chemical, and emotional stressors.

During these 24 hours, time itself automates healing a wounded skin cut, changing the rate of your heartbeat or expelling toxins out of your body, and is intricately connected to your nervous system.

What patterns of misalignment do you hold when you sit, stand, walk or sleep?

Are there aches/pains or syndromes your body is carrying during the day,

sleeping with and holding you back?

Are there restrictions on your movements? Your breath? Your voice and expression?

Discover what the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, ancient greek medical scriptures from 400BC, and early modern-day practitioners wrote about spinal alignment and how it could affect your body mechanics.


Diet. Nero. Application

Who are you?

They say we are what we eat.

How much and how often do you eat?

Do you fast? Do you eat according to your blood group?

How much water do you drink?

Do you eat according to your body's energy needs?

There is an imprint of a DNA guide.

Discover your 30 traits for Nutrition and exercise.

Joint Posturecise

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics of Gait & Motion

Do you walk with ease, lift things with no problems?

Our body and the musculoskeletal system have a unique biomechanical walking gait, sitting and lifting motion, sleep pattern.

Discover our 7 step standing, sitting, walking, and sleep posture and supporting stretch program to assist in the natural biomechanical motions.

Understand your thoughts & emotions.


Decisions and choices of health.

Discover 10 CoMan-Ments by Dr. Jim Skivalidas and the power and blessings of giving, gratitude, kindness


Do you toss and turn?

Do you wake up tired?

Are waking refreshed and inspired to take on your day?

Did you know 1/3 of a lifetime is for sleep to assist in healing your mind & body?

Discover the 3 most important aspects of sleep & supporting products.


Balance your toxins.

Avoid XS

Discover the 3 areas of toxins from what your breathe, what you ingest and put on your body and your thoughts.

Our Health & Wellness Partnership

We work in partnership with people living with pain, suffering, disability, their families and the community, to create a better life.

We focus on people with significant and multiple discomforts and disabilities and complex needs.

We assist people in their daily lives with support to work and live optimally at work, home, recreationally, to take a break, to get out and have fun, to learn and grow.

How Does The Program Work?

Get Assessed - thoroughly and holistically. History, Posture Assessment, Strength Tests and Radiological Diagnostics if necessary. Begin gentle treatment, understand goals and provide home care advice to maximise compliance and better results.

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iAdjust Program

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