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Dr. Jim Skivalidas Team and Wellness Services

Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim, and Team

Dr. Jim SkivalidasWellness Services at Port Melbourne Chiropractic

Dr. Jim Skivalidas

  • Holistic and Family Chiropractor
  • Sleep Mattress Designer
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic
  • N.E.T and Kinesiology
  • Baby - Paediatrics
  • Supplements and Homeopathics

Discover your power

Our Chiropractic And Holistic Approach Works. Simple And Effective.

With 15 Years Experience, Dr Jim's Approach Is Gentle, Safe And Natural (Drug Free) And Provides Long Term Relief To Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, As Well A Broad Spectrum Of Musculoskeletal And Visceral Conditions. He Has Played A Key Role Restoring Vitality To Individuals, Families, Children And Professional Sports Athletes. Also Treating Neurologically Challenged Locals And Melbourne Residents.

Going Beyond Your Symptoms With Our Comprehensive Wellness Approach.

We look at the physical, emotional, chemical, and toxic causes of pain and discomfort. Together with your goals, we strive to reach your optimal wellness potential. As primary health care practitioners, a referral is not required for your visit with us.

People of all walks of life have experienced the amazing benefits of chiropractic adjustments including stronger immunity, higher energy levels, better sleep, healthier posture, reduced pain and discomfort, and happier lives.

Our innovative iadjust program includes body alignment, drinking & eating well, joint and posture exercise activities, uniting body and mind, healthy sleep behavior, and detoxifying your body.